Thursday, May 29, 2014

Our Cottage

This is a slide show I made for the Ellen show. I have entered a contest in hopes of winning a home improvement contest. Yes my home is in need of many repairs and we would love to add on. Our deepest desire is to build a new home on the back portion of our property. I have drawn dozens of plans over the years as our family ahs grown and needs have changed. I know that will happen in God's time not mine and continue to move forward in gratefulness with what I have.
  I wanted to share here to show you that YOU CAN homeschool in any amount of space. In this video you will catch a glimpse of how we convert rooms daily to meet needs. Our living room is a library, master suite and dining room. The boys have collapsible cots to make room for play space as our rooms are about 10 x 12 at greatest. The second bedroom is a large closet/schoolroom. I do love the one closet idea, makes putting clothes away easy. Our home is cozy, colorful and sometimes INSANE! At this very moment the boys have cots in the living room with us,....we have an evening visitor in the form of a raccoon. So for the third night I have closed off the back of the house and set out a trap. Butterscotch seems to lure him in. I had to glue it down with gorilla glue tonight. Just another fun day in the woods.

Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Bible Fun and Freebies

Here are some great recourse's I have found in my search for a fun inexpensive way to turn on my kids Jesus light.
  We use to watch a veggie tales with lunch everyday and on those days I noticed such a difference in my kids. Veggie tales is catchy cute and fun for younger ages and my kids did make the connections between these and stories we had read from their children's bible.

I had looked at other videos. Nest entertainment makes a great set, but way out of our budget. I finally found What's in the Bible. SURPRISE made by the same people that makes veggie tales. This must be great. At first while the kids loved it, I thought it was very cheesy and not sure how much this was teaching. I decided to do a download of the first episode (the cheapest way to TRY) again I thought what is this! The kids were actually learning real bible history and enjoying it. It did not go deeply into each book as I had hoped. Once I put aside my expectations I realized it was so much more,..and this only inspired my little guys to open back up there favorite bible and re read. My son was reading genesis to his brothers last night. I just love these moment's. What was even better?

    FREE stuff!!!! I received an email after download that was good for a FREE month of Jelly Telly TV.  I am so glad I decided to take a look. I found more FREE episodes (13 in all) of What's in the bible. They have a lot of  creation science stuff on here to.  A FREE weekly letter with downloads called the bloom that studies a new verse each week and ...yes more lots of downloadable/printable goodies to go with the What's in the bible series. I knew I had to share! The folks at Jelly TV have given me a code so you can get a FREE month also. JELLYTELLY1 is the code to get your free month. Please leave me a comment and let me know what you think.

Here are some samplings from our shelfs we plan to use over the summer. I will come back and update from time to time.
A nice blog to get even more FREE bible themed pintable's. This gal has put in a lot of work and is very generous to share.