Monday, August 12, 2013

Salt Springs or bust!

So here I go...planning a camping trip with three boys. We used to go at least once a year. Last year due issues with my pregnancy I decided to stay close to home. So its been two years...time to dust off the tent,make my list and let the stress fest begin. For something that is supposed to be so relaxing and enjoyable it is a lot of work to keep it simple. Used to be a tent a bathing suit and fill the cooler on the way out.
   With kids you gotta have entertainment (the first day with out a screen they usually don't know how to breathe) pillows stuffed buddies, bath kit, first aid, LOTS of extra clothes. We always camp by water so wetsuits,..mask snorkels floating things, wagon to haul stuff water proof camera (film ,..batteries) to catch all the great moments. Towels,..Towels and did I say Towels. After swimming gotta eat, oldest is picky so I see lots of pb&j on the menu. Dad loves to grill but who has time I need help chasing kids! So I am opting for hotdogs and nuggets on a stick. Baby is easy enough I carry his supply everywhere and he eats anything else I'll feed him. However baby has to have playpen and chair at this age they require more furniture than anyone else. Shelter, a tent and canopy lots of light, flashlights, glowsticks, tikki torches citronella,....seems simple enough but how do I fit it all in a minni van,.....get a trailer!
   On an up note I am exited to do some star gazing have a few books on constellations to share with the kids. I also have a craft planned  this makes little constellations with flashlight. I have also ordered a couple of patches for camping, on a stick, gazing and knot tying. The Knot tying will be Daddy time. ;) 
I found lots of great patches to commemorate other activities that children there age should do, whether for skill or character. No I do not like the idea of sending my kids off to scouts, may be one of my more selfish reasons in homeschooling but I want to be part of making these memories, that's why I had kids so I could be a kid all over again with them. Is it so wrong?
 What was your favorite camp song,..snack or activity. I grew up with gorp,..peanut, sunflower, m&m raisin mix, my Dad playing guitar by the fire ad falling asleep in my mothers arms,..until I had little brothers and then they fell asleep in my arms.

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