Saturday, July 6, 2013

Drink from my well

   This is to journal my days the crazy and lazy. All the funny things my kids say, places we visit, treasures we uncover at home and abroad.  The creative ways I handle being out numbered by boys and still stay in charge. It's a four to one game here and that alone takes a great deal of patience, skills in organization and a fine balance of humor and discipline.


For the need to organize ideas that come in overflowing buckets of   enthusiasm. Then during those idle times when I feel all dried up like the Sahara I can visit the well and renew my  inspiration.  Visit the pictures, places,books and ideas that keep me dreaming. Dreams of which the world needs to survive. Like a dying fairy begging you to clap if you believe. The world needs our dreams, to the dreamers. I hope by sharing gems I have collected along the way you will find some magic too.


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