Saturday, July 6, 2013

Where is the Cove?

 Treasure Cove, aka  Camp Cody where the dirt road ends between an undisturbed Florida forest and a brackish stretch of river. It is here in a 678 sqft cottage (and that includes the front porch) I have also braved the world of home education . Or as I like to call  creative explorations. We have recently stepped away from box curriculum and began a more eclectic mix of learning. Having nature at our fingertips year round it seemed a waste to spend so much time at a desk.  So by the pond, in the tree house, poolside, walking in the woods or Dad's garage. We do sometimes venture past the cove. We are very close to the zoo and have a few museums, historical parks, lots of  beaches, fishing holes and even a few great springs not to far. There is no telling where my band of pirates will invade next.




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