Thursday, April 17, 2014

Big Questions

I am a homeschool Mom with boys ages 9 and under. When my son came to me last year with very big questions, big bang vs 7 days and Darwinism vs creation I was very taken back. He was listening to what I was teaching, and it was coming from two worlds and I did not know how to connect them. While we were reading the bible and matching stories geographically and even historically things seemed to line up well, (at first look) but when it came to science??? So many gaps. I quickly answered well god was a scientist like you and perhaps God and his lab made a big bang? However when on an egg hunt at at church he mentioned to another mom that Adam and Eve could have been apes. I giggled inside at how he had formed this idea, the fact he was so willing to open the conversation and that in his brilliant Asperger's world he had no idea how offensive this was. She did not hear him clearly and shrugged him off with the typical oh uh huh ok.....OR atleast that hat I had hoped. However this took me to the drawing board looking at what curriculum we had been using, what did I want to teach him and more importantly what did I believe?
   While I did attend various churches growing up, I am not nor have I ever been strongly connected to any religion. I am believer in one simple idea there is good and bad, life is a balance and I will always walk in the light. There is life after this world and we were put her to prosper. I teach my children they have a light in their heart, we call it our Jesus light. When ever you are in need all you have to do is invite Jesus in your heart,and let your light shine bright. We say blessings at dinner and pray for friends in need. I was baptized by a hairdresser, (true story) and my children were christened by my grandfather. This was however not enough anymore. The questions my children have deserved to be answered and we were going to find the answers together.
    In many months of digging and reading we came to adopt a young earth theory and focus on creation. We came across many great products, answers in genesis,the zoo and aquarium guides  Exploring creation series from fullbright and apologia, these were a great addition to the shelfs.
My older son who loves exploring classification of creatures enjoys the format for research.
     We also pulled a few DVDs Incredible Creatures that defy Evolution, and while studying dinosaurs last summer with sonlight science we added in Dragons or Dinosaurs. This movie sent us digging on into the world archeology and the digging for the truth series. Another wonderful tool was the Johnathan Park series. is audio and was unsure how the kids would take it,....what a great way to get some quiet! They actually have to sit in listen. Great for lunch time
     I am know researching animated bible stories and have a few up my sleeve, so keep your eye out for that!
     Kids are always going to have questions. It does not make us any less qualified when we do not have the answers. I have learned the homeschool is not just something you do,...its is something you grow into as a family. It is the most fabulous journey I could have ever imagined having. Something you hear at my house a lot is "good question!" we write it down in a journal titled just that and dig in right away,when time allows or save for when the dull drums hit.

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