Thursday, April 10, 2014

Montessori,Charlotte Mason, Classical ?????

I have seen the question so many times. What curriculum is best for a wiggly kid? Mostly Moms who are new to homeschool,.have very active children who have been "labeled". In my opinion active bust children are intelligent curious children. Kids are not supposed to sit still! Its against nature. I fought this battle in the beginning trying to make home like school. We were miserable. One of the things we have enjoyed is Montessori methods. Lots of sensory involved, hands on, truly connecting the child to their world not just a pencil. Found a great contest today for those of you to get more info and connect with the Moms who know. Check out the pintrest boards these will keep you and the kids busy all summer.

For more info on methods and how to find the best learning style for your child check out this blog
Keep in mind you can adapt any curricula to meet a style of learning that best fits your needs, you may add a little or take a little away. Just as each child is unique the way they learn and the way you teach will be unique. Enjoy the journey!

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